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We are the

Empowering entrepreneurs with the versatility of vinyl.

Four generations of
custom garment expertise

The Paperhood family has been working in the garment industry since 1923 and are proud to be a family-owned business raised in NYC. Paperhood has been working hard to provide the people of New York with the help and expertise they need to make their custom garments come to life. We can’t wait to welcome you to the Paperhood. 

Our Story

It all began in 1923 when a passionate, young Abraham Wortzel made the trek from Russia to New York. He established a humble living selling men’s shirts from a pushcart on the lower east side of Manhattan. After a few years of perseverance, Abraham traded his wheels for a brick and mortar shop on Orchard Street. His son, Louis, took over the family shop when Abraham retired after 20 years. The shop endured a few more years, evolving to include a wider range of services, including girls’ dresses, until it finally closed in 1960.

Fast-forward a few years, the baton was passed to Louis’ sons, Sam and Harvey. Sam got his feet wet in the garment industry with a children’s clothing store which opened just around the corner from where Abraham and Louis had operated for many years. Harvey, on the other hand, had jumped on board a ground-breaking new industry and founded the Rapid Transfer Company. With help from Sam, Rapid Transfer imported heat applied graphics for the trendy and ever-changing New York garment market. Out of this endeavor, Paperhood was born.

In 2005, Sam founded a company to employ his vinyl expertise and help the folks of NYC with their custom garment endeavors. Whether using heat transfer paper to put photographs onto t-shirts, creating elaborate rhinestone designs (which were very popular at the time) or assisting a first-time heat press buyer, Sam did it all from a 9’ x 17’ office space on the 9th floor. In 2012, the vinyl that we have come to know and love, was introduced to the market. Sam began to provide customers with a whole new series of products that would revolutionize the custom garment business. But as vinyl continued to transform the industry, Paperhood needed a little help — enter Sophia, Sam’s youngest daughter in 2014. Over the next few years, Paperhood endured moving and expansion until finally, in July of 2020, they settled on the 8th floor with a space large enough to accommodate their growing business. As Paperhood continues to grow, they are still maintaining their baseline commitment of keeping up with the ever-changing garment embellishment industry without sacrificing their core goal: empowering their clientele and making their custom garments come to life.

The Core Team

These are our people, happy to help you with whatever you need. Here at Paperhood, our team is dedicated to making your ideas come to life. We have mastered the art of custom vinyl decals, embroidery, signage, and so much more. Set up a consultation to get your custom project started, and we will do the rest. 


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